Second opinion

A view from outside can be useful when

  • important decisions are required
  • big investments are needed
  • buy-in for decisions is weak
  • opinions in the organization differ

My role in a second-opinion may be an expert role, for example:

  • to give a second-opinion on the selection of a software solution
  • to review on the quality of a project plan
  • to assess the risks of a plan and the mitigation measures.

The process role is usually just as important as the expert role, and quite often more important. For example:

  • ┬ápeople in a company may have vested interests and strong opinions, and they may therefore get stuck in their position during discussions. An outsider without any vested interests may be able to re-focus on the needs instead of the positions, and by doing that to find a solution that addresses those needs.
  • an outsider without any vested interest may with help of techniques such as active listening be able to win trust and to get the process back on track.