Resume / CV

Name Arend Stemerding


Birth date

18 April 1951, Amsterdam



Post-graduate Management Consultancy, Free University Amsterdam, NL



Post-graduate IT, University Groningen, NL


Economics (Cum Laude degree), University Groningen, NL


Social Sciences, State College Pennsylvania, USA

IT Strategy & Management


Business IT Strategy

Application architecture & e-business

Application rationalization

Selection and implementation of software packages

Program management & Project management

IT assesments & Due diligence

IT Governance



Native language






Employment History


May 2012 – current

Jan 2009 – May 2012

Oct 2006 – Jan 2009

1999 – Sep 2006
1990 -1999
1987 -1990

1978 -1987

Independent, Stemerding Consulting

AEG Power Solutions


Deloitte Consulting
Bakkenist Management Consultants
KPN, IT Manager

KPN, Project manager

Secondary jobs

without any payment / remuneration:

Board member of Foundation Gered Gereedschap,





Professional Experience

Mar 2015 – Aug 2016

AFC Ajax

Project manager

Implementation of Eventim system for Ticketing

Implementation AFAS system for Finance

Feb 2014 – today

Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra


Streamline processes and applications, design of procedures and Management reporting.

May 2013 – today

Foundation Gered Gereedschap

Board member (without renumeration), responsible for Finance and IT

This foundation refurbishes used tools and supplies them to vocational schools in very poor regions of the world. The tools are refurbished by volunteers in about 30 work centres in NL.

Oct-Nov 2012

Broad Horizon BV

IT consultant

Due diligence of Internet provider with a focus on IT applications and IT organization.

Sep-Oct 2012



Training in consulting skills in higt-tech consulting company in Eindhoven NL. The 12 participants were from the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Rumania, Russia, India and Colombia.

Jan 2009 – May 2012

AEG Power Solutions

CIO / Program manager

  • CIO with the mission to standardize applications in 12 countries where AEG PS has a Legal Entity. The biggest part of the standardization program was the roll-out of SAP in eight countries: Singapore, the Netherlands, Great-Britain, Spain, India, United States, Canada, Italy, in the period 2009-2011.

  • this program has been completed in Jan 2012 and I handed-over my CIO role to continue part-time as program manager of the Sales Configurator and related engineering and manufacturing processes.

March 2008 – Jan 2009

AEG Power Solutions (formerly Saft power systems)

Program manager

  • Program management of all global IT-related projects

Sep 2007 – Dec 2007

Technical University Eindhoven (TUe)


  • Development of a five day course in Consulting skills, and teacher of this course. Participants: employees of Software Lab of TU/e.

July 2007 – Sep 2007

Omron Europe and OMS, Portugal

IT Strategy consultant
  • Omron is a Japanese electronics manufacturer. The EMEA headquarters is in the Netherlands. This assignment is aimed at the integration of a new Portugese daughter company which engineers and assembles production lines for automobile factories.
  • Design of the systems integration of new, small but fast growing innovative businesses into the IT-landscape of Omron Europe.

  • Selection of an ERP system for Engineer To Order and Project-based business, initially for the daughter company OMS in Portugal.

Saft Power Systems

IT Strategy consultant

Jan 2007 – Aug 2007

  • Saft Power Systems is a manufacturer of power supply systems for industrial customers. Corporate headquarter is in Paris. The factories are located in Germany, France, Malaysia and China.
  • Design of an IT strategic plan for the next three years.

  • Audit of SAP implementation in France en advice for worldwide implementation strategy of SAP ERP system.

Jan 2007 – Aug 2007

SBS Broadcasting

Project manager

  • Project for implementation of a new Channel Management System voor three TV channels in the Netherlands.

Oct 2006 – Dec 2007 TIN: Theatre Institute Netherlands

Project manager

  • TIN is a center of information regarding Theatre in the Netherlands. TIN also maintains the collection of objects such as scripts, sheet music, information about actors, etc.
  • Programme management of New Media programme: new Website & Content Management System, upgrade of Repository system, selection and implementatiobn of Customer Relationship System, implementation of on-line Theatre Encyclopedia.

Sep 2006 – Mar 2007 KPN
Project manager
  • KPN is one the largest telecom service providers in the Netherlands
  • The objective of the project is the security of the broadband network, based on ISO27001 guidelines. This will become the basic network for all services.
May – Aug 2006 Rabobank
IT management

  • Rabobank is one of the major banks in the Netherlands
  • The objective of this assignment was to design an adequate organizational structure for management of two datacenters, which will operate as twin centers.
Mar 2006 – May 2006 Bosman medical supplies
IT strategy consultant

  • Bosman is a fast growing and ambitious supplier of medical products and services
  • Assessment of current IT systems and vendors in light of the new business strategy. Development of a strategic IT plan for the next 3 years.
2006 IT Due Diligence assessments
  • Cable & Telecom company
  • Manufacturer of heating equipment
  • Food manufacturer
  • Payroll and HR service provider
Sep 2004 – now Omron Europe, Programme management
Programme manager
  • Omron is a Japanese manufacturer of electronic components, mainly business to business
  • Programme management of IT-related projects: prioritization and planning of projects, monitoring of status, progress and earned value

Oct 2005 – Dec 2005 NL Ministry of Economic Affairs, Electronic Communication policies
Project manager / consultant
  • DGTP is the unit that governs Telecom policies and regulations.
  • The objective of this assignment is to write policy papers regarding electronic communication and to make specific proposals for changes in the law & regulations, governance, subsidies, education & communication, initiatives, etc.

2005 IT Due Diligence assessments
  • Cargo handling company at European airports
  • Manufacturer of hig-tech chemical products
  • Group of Hospitality & Leisure business
  • Manufacturer of safety equipment
July 2004 – Oct 2004 The Greenery, IT Strategy second opinion
  • The Greenery is one of Holland’s largest vegetable and fruit wholesale and trading companies

  • Advice to the Board on IT Strategy and and implementation planning & approach of standardized processes & systems for previously independent daughter companies.

2004 IT Due Diligence assessments
  • Yellow Pages companies in seven countries
Feb 2002 – June 2004 Omron Europe, Implementation of ERP package
Project Manager
  • Omron is a Japanese manufacturer of electronic components, mainly business to business
  • Optimization of supply chain and implementation of ERP package (JD Edwards) for Sales, Cusomer service, Distribution and Finance in 18 EMEA countries.
Apr 2004 – Aug 2004 NIB Capital, Implementation of ACBS package
Project manager
  • NIB Capital is a medium-size merchang bank in the Netherlands
  • Implementation of ACBS package for Loans admin and risk management
Aug 2003 – Dec 2003 MCB International, IT Governance
  • MCB is a steel wholesale & distribution company located in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium
  • Advice to the Board on roles and responsibilities of MCB International and MCB daughter companies with regard to IT.
Aug 2000 – Jan 2001 Sara Lee Meats Europe, Implementation of ERP package
Project manager
  • Sara Lee Meats Europe has two large production locations in the Netherlands
  • Implementation of JD Edwards ERP package for Finance
May 1999 – Jul 2000 bbned, OSS/BSS implementation
Project manager
  • Bbned offers wholesale DSL to ISPs and retail DSL to SMEs and related value added services. Bbned is a daughter company in the Netherlands of Telecom Italia.
  • Programme manager for the development and implementation of OSS/BSS
Mar 2000 – May 2000 FTA, Business and Technology strategy
  • FTA is a Luxemburg based provider of satellite TV equipment to retailers and installation companies in Europe.
  • Strategy study on satellite receiver equipment and set-top boxes.
Aug 1997 – Nov 1999 Mediakabel, Implementation SMS package
Project manager
  • Mediakabel is a joint venture of several large TV cable companies in the Netherlands, with the goal to offer digital TV services and interactive services such as Video on demand, games, etcetera.
  • Implementation of Convergys SMS package for ordering, customer service, billing of interactive services.
March 1999 – June 1999 IBIM, IT Strategy
  • IBIM is a medium-size car dealer with several locations in the Netherlands.
  • Advice on IT Strategy and impact on planning
June 1998 – Oct 1999 IFPI, Electronic distribution of music
Project manager
  • IFPI is the International Federation of the Phonographic industry. This project was a joint project with the six major record companies in the world.
  • Research and proof of concept for the electronic exchange of music and related information, including interface standards, security requirements and business model for electronic distribution of music
Feb 1997 – June 1997 Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • Advice on changing the WBSO law to promote innovation in software.
  • Method for an efficient assessment of software innovation


Apr 1994 – Dec 1995 FCI, EDI project
Project manager
  • FCI, Factoring Chain International, is the major federation of Factoring companies in the world.
  • Development and implementation of new EDI system for 125 FCI members in 45 countries.
Jul 1996 – Sep 1996 Factoring Finans, Financial EDI pilot
Project manager
  • Factoring Finans is a Factoring company in Oslo, Norway and is a daughter company of the Norske Bank.
  • Consultancy for a pilot project in Norway with regard to Financial EDI between banks and their clients.
Aug 1995 – Dec 1996 Child care agency, System development
Project manager
  • Child care is an agency of the Justice department in Holland, with offices in 19 locations in the Netherlands.
  • Development of a new application to support the operational process. The methodology used was Rapid Application Development and prototyping.
Sep 1995 – Oct 1996 EDIFACT Board EG4, Taskforce EDI implementation
  • EG4 was a working group where more than 10 major European banks participated to develop standards for Financial EDI
  • Development of an Implementation Guide for Financial EDI to facilitate pilots by the Banks.
July 1994 – Oct 1995 KPN Telecom, Conversion of 7 million telephone number
Project manager
  • KPN Telecom is the largest Telecom company in NL.
  • For reasons of capacity and due to EU regulations all telephone numbers in the Netherlands had to be changed in October 1995. This had a major impact on 1500 telephone switches and on more than 150 applications.
Feb 1993 – Sep 1994 Ministry of Justice, EDI project
Project manager
  • The police, the prosecution and judges are organized in regions in the Netherlands.
  • A new law (Mulder law) was introduced to streamline small offences. Part of this large project was the electronic exchange between police, justice authorities and a central agency for billing and collections.
May 1992 – Sep 1993 KPN Telecom, Customer service
Project manager
  • KPN Telecom is the largest Telecom company in NL.
  • Development and implementation of a new customer service application which improved the service level to clients very significantly. This project was the winner of the AG/TG Award in 1993 for excellent IT projects in the Netherlands.
May 1991 – Dec 1992 FCI, Development of EDIFACT messages for Factoring
  • FCI, Factoring Chain International, is the major federation of Factoring companies in the world.
  • Development and implementation of new EDIFACT standard messages for the Factoring industry
Feb 1990 – Nov 1990 European Commission, Analysis of EDI software products
Project manager
  • Analysis of a large number of EDI software products and development of recommended requirements for best-practice products, based on research of user requirements. The results of this research were presented on the European EDI conference COMPAT ’91 in Copenhagen, Denmark.