Independence & Integrity

My role implies that I am fully independent and that I will serve only the interests of the client.

I will not accept an assignment if there is or appears to be any potential conflict of interest with current assignments, relationships or activities.

I do not receive payments or advantages in any relation (directly or indirectly) to an assignment from any third party other than the fees that are paid by my clients based on the agreed written proposals for each assignment.

Any assignment for a client will be defined in a written proposal which will be agreed before the start of the assignment so that all parties know what to expect from each other.

The roles that I currently fulfill (with income and without income) are listed in my Resume at

I do not own shares other than shares in mixed funds of ING Bank, and I do not have any control over these funds.

Due to membership of the OOA professional organization I am committed to comply with the Code on Independency & Integrity, see The OOA has a procedure in place for violations of this code.

Monnickendam, 1 September 2008

Arend Stemerding